Prepare to Potty Train

Prepare to potty train. It kind of sounds like preparing for a presentation, or for an exam.

Portable Potty

You will not be graded on how potty training goes, but it is one of the most important steps to get your child ready to potty train!

Here are three tips to get your child started along their journey to being potty trained:


Choose what words you will use to describe body parts and toileting.

  • This helps with potty learning by making your child has words to describe body parts
  • Use words that will be recognized by others so that people outside of your family will understand what they need when they talk about needing to toilet


Think of it this way; the more familiar your child is with the toilet and what goes on in the bathroom, the less scary it will be to potty train.

  • Bring your child into the bathroom with you so they can see what you do
  • Talk through what your body feels and what happens when you use the toilet

Increase Comfort

The more you can do to ease any fears, the better.

  • Find potty books that your child can relate to. When you read these books talk about what is happening in the book, what the child is doing
  • Model the bathroom behaviour you’d like to see from the child, including using the toilet (ideally sitting down) and washing your hands

Are you ready to learn more about how you can prepare for potty train?

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